Patch Notes

Version 3.0 4/ 20/2017

  • Add tracking of item builds
  • Removed all options
  • Fixed various item build bugs
  • Moved item build creation to centralized server

Version 2.4 6/ 12/2016

  • Added option for double items
  • Improved advanced settings
  • More settings will come in the next patch
  • Fixed a bug that caused Cassiopeia to get boots

Version 2.3 5/ 1/2016

  • Improved layout on mobile devices
  • Added My Summoner page where you can change your champion and see your games
  • Added search bar for summoner
  • Fixed a bug that caused user to not be able to change their summoner name
  • Added the possibility to import your item build into the game to Bravery League

Version 2.2 4/ 12/2016

  • Introduction of the item build stories. A new part of the Bronze Bravery site, where you can share funny stories arround the bravery topic.
  • New design of the navbar
  • Complete translation of the site into Englisch and Korean.

Version 2.1.1 3/ 22/ 2016

  • Fixed a bug that caused Viktor to not receive his hexcore.

Version 2.1 2/ 18/ 2016

  • New: A function to save selected champions
  • Fixed a bug that caused a player to appear in a wrong order at the leaderboard
  • Fixed a bug that caused a error when searching for a ranked game

Version 2.0 2/ 1/ 2016

  • The Bravery League arrived! More informations here
  • Added a dimming function
  • Fixed a bug that caused getting summoner spells which are not for your level
  • Removed Ultimate Bravery site

Version 1.1 January 2016

  • Add options to bravery:
    • Option to get a jungle item
    • Option to receive a keystone

Version 1.0 December 2015

  • Initial release